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1-Tick has decided not to take on new clients whilst we work with the FCA to improve our customer processes and procedures and management controls, ensuring the fair treatment of our customers.
Welcome to 1-Tick. We help thousands of clients every year take control of their finances again through our unique Debt Management Plan.

Our services are designed to offer you a sensitive and understanding solution guiding you back onto the road to debt freedom as we work to reduce your individual debt balances and ultimately settle the remaining debt balances for less.

Our website has been written with the primary objective of helping people in the UK understand more about Debt Solutions and how they work.

Our aim is to take the confusion out of the process by offering help and advice via one-to-one telephone consultations to people who are trying to discover whether entering into a debt solution is in their best interests.

During your consultation we will explain all the pro's and cons, when applied specifically to your personal circumstances, including how either option will impact on your personal credit rating, and we will explore the pros and cons of all the alternative debt solutions available to you.

There will be no pressure, no jargon and no sales gimmicks, just ethical, accurate and, above all, reliable advice.

Our UK based hand-picked team have no sales targets, are not commission driven. Each of our advisers has substantial life experiences to draw on, which we believe is crucial when discussing real life issues with real people who are experiencing real debt problems.

Our staff are trained to look at all your information so that we provide the correct response in each individual case.

Knowledge is power and those struck down by debt feel powerless and vulnerable. We know that many creditors like it when a consumer does not get help and is left alone with there demand for payment. We step in between you and your creditors to bridge the gap.

We want to help the UK deal with debt better by providing debt help, advice and appropriate debt solutions to the people that need it most.

We will do this by:

  • Treating every caller respectfully, recognising always that our role is to help and not to judge.
  • Providing confidential and specialist best debt advice to everyone who asks, no matter how serious their debt problem.
  • Delivering the debt solution that we recommend for the consumer, either in house or through best of breed business partners.
  • Complying fully with the legal and ethical standards applicable to us.
  • Lobbying for more regulation and responsibility in the debt advice sector.
  • Investing in our working environment, our infrastructure and our team to improve the

We never judge or point the finger, we simply listen, answer your questions, provide advice without obligation and recommend a solution that is right for you based on your circumstances.

From recommending a solution to dealing with your creditors, we will be there for you at every stage of your journey to manage your debts.

Whether you are just looking for advice or you have a query about your debt solution, we have a dedicated Customer Care Team just a phone call away. We'll deal with your creditors for you and help manage the calls and letters.

We work hard to free you from the stress and worry of having to deal with difficult phone calls and letters from your creditors and we will negotiate with your creditors to agree the best possible interest and repayment terms for you.

Management Plan
Repay your debts at an affordable level once you have met your essential expenses. This is an informal arrangement with your creditors) negotiated by us, which allows you to repay credit at an affordable level. Find out more
Resolution Plan
We call it 'Debt Reduction Plan' - it goes one stage further then a Debt Management Plan, in working harder to help you clear your debts of quicker. Find out more
PPI Reclaim
We have helped 1000's of people claim back their mis-sold money. Let us help you? Find out more